Fleet Safety Technology Solutions

Strategic Analytics Team Ltd advocates that all business should move to a risk managed approach to manage all those who drive on behalf of a business. We include the management of the vehicles that are used to undertake business activities.



While most of the activity to manage road safety is aimed into developed countries, over 90% of road safety incidents happen in developing markets and countries. In more developed countries an estimated 40% of workplace fatalities are road related incidents making driving one of the most dangerous work activities that can be undertaken by an employee.

fleet safety technology solutions
risk management responses

Good clear data management is at the heart of any risk management approach, our solutions allow companies to be able to see and identify that data simply, so they can fully understand the risks and take mitigating actions being pro-active rather than reactive to the challenges presented from safe road transport operations.


To enable this, we work with our clients to provide a structured approach to the overall management, from day-to-day compliance of drivers and vehicles to more complex solutions that involve integrated solutions for data, telematics, apps, people and goods.


Our Senior Management team are members of the Association for Road Risk Managers