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Primary Area of Expertise: Road Safety.

About Hilda


Hilda is an experienced international road safety expert, the former director of the National Road Safety Agency of Colombia. 


Hilda has a substantial amount of experience including acting as an advisor and road safety leader for the development bank of Latin America for 7 years.  


Amongst many other achievements Hilda has:  

Worked as a group coordinator and lead author of the safety chapter of the global mobility report, 2017, coordinated the road safety group of the development banks road safety initiative (2015-2018), and lead the formulation of the "Initiative for Road Safety in Latin America and the Caribbean (Diagnosis, Guidance and Pilot Projects) of the IDB" where she was responsible for road safety (2006 - 2010) and is the convener of the Safety Chapter of the Global Mobility Report, that will be launched on October 12th by the World Bank 

Hilda has previously studied the transportation of children on motorcycles, which then led her to lead the motorcycle road safety strategy i) Buenos Aires MC Plan, ii) Manual for Road Safety Plans for MC. Alongside this Hilda has been a member of the advisory team at the Iberoamerican road safety observatory and has designed and lead road safety projects in cities and countries worldwide. 


Hilda is based in Colombia and supports projects worldwide.